Power up your Mar10 Day by learning to make your own video games

Power up your Mar10 Day by learning to make your own video games


Become the dev behind the next Mario 64 with this bundle.
The next great game is just waiting to be created.
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Super Mario 64 is a classic that defined 3D platformers and 3D games as a whole. What better day to celebrate it than March 10? It’s Mario Day!

And what better thing to do on Mar10 Day than start down your own path to redefining gaming with the 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle. This game dev bundle is on sale for only $29 (regularly $2,000). And that’s a deal you can say “wahoo” to.

Learn to develop games

This bundle comes with 10 complete courses, each of which teaches you how to create a different kind of game. Class topics run the range from mobile to console to PC gaming — and the type of games varies even more. Odds are, if you have a favorite type of game, this bundle will teach you how to build it.

Last year, mobile gaming accounted for nearly half of all gaming, and that’s a market you can learn to reach.

The design principles of every class in this bundle can apply to mobile gaming. But you can learn to actually make your own with “Build a Mobile Road Crossing Game,” a course that guides you through the process. You’ll design maps, customize UIs and do much more in this one course on mobile gaming.

Other course topics cover a broad range of game types. You’ll learn to develop 2D RPGs and idle clickers, survival and strategy games, and even micro-strategy games and a super-simple text game with Unity.

The courses also cover 3D action RPGs with Unreal Engine and first-person shooters with Godot. The classes are all taught by professionals from Zenva Academy, one of the world’s leading forces in programming training and game development.

Save on the 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle

It doesn’t take a mushroom to make this bundle a huge deal. Celebrate Mario Day and get the 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle for $29 (regularly $2,000).

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