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This plug-and-play touchscreen monitor is over $300 off


Get a 4K plug and play monitor for 58% off today.
Add a second 4K screen to your Mac or iPad with this inexpensive portable monitor.
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An extra screen can expand your workspace or give another dimension to your hobbies. Desklab’s portable 4K monitor is a plug-and-play touchscreen that can give you much more room to breathe — and right now it’s 58% off at $289.99 (regularly $700).

A portable touchscreen monitor for Mac

This portable touchscreen monitor is simple to install and fantastic to use. The installation process is short: Plug it in to your Mac, iPad or other device, then use it as a second screen.

What you get then is a totally portable 15-inch mobile 4K second screen. It’s slim, light (less than a pound) and big enough that you can comfortably stream a movie while you’re working or have social media open while you game.

Everything about the Desklab touchscreen monitor has been refined to offer extra functionality. The touchscreen is responsive and quick. The screen is high-resolution with beautiful, vibrant colors. And it’s as portable as it is universally compatible.

This Desklab comes with HDMI to mini HDMI and USB-C cables, so it can connect to phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, even game consoles. It also comes with a micro-USB port and a 3.5mm auxiliary port for audio. It’s the only way to get a living room console experience from mobile gaming. You can choose private listening using the aux port or share your work and play with the world using the built-in speakers.

The anti-glare screen means you can work more comfortably in areas that may not have planned for you to set up a full workspace. It also emits low blue light, so you won’t find yourself awake hours later than normal after using it.

Save on a Desklab touchscreen monitor

Get the Desklab portable 4K touchscreen monitor for $289.99 (regularly $700).

Prices subject to change.