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Learn everything you need to know about crypto for $25


Get into Crypto with this $25 bundle.
Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain and more with this bundle.
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Cryptocurrency is growing every day, but learning how to personally benefit from the digital revolution is difficult if you don’t have a well-informed source.

The 2022 Blockchain Development Fundamentals Bundle can teach you how to mine crypto, create NFTs, and more. And right now it costs just $25.

Learn about crypto, NFTs and more

This bundle packs 23 hours of material into five courses, teaching you the essentials of blockchain, NFTs, Java and Ethereum. These are the fundamentals you can use to participate in the crypto market and start mining coin to build passive income.

If the only thing you know about cryptocurrency is that you want to know more, you can start from the beginning. Jump into “NFT Blockchain Decentralized App Development with Solidity & JavaScript” and learn what blockchains are, how Bitcoin and Ethereum work, how to build Truffle projects, and a lot more. This one course packs nine hours of material, and it’s just the starting point.

More advanced learners can move straight into “Create Your First dApp on Ethereum: A Concise Tutorial” and start building something they can actually use. This course is taught by Mohammad Nauman, a post-doc from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems who has been programming for 22 years.

Nauman’s research into Android security led to a major shift in the platform’s permission model, and he’s the one teaching you how to create your first dApp. Every teacher in this bundle is similarly qualified, though. They’re the people you’d actually want to learn from because they’re the ones who use what they’re teaching every single day.

Save on the 2022 Blockchain Development Fundamentals Bundle

Learn to do more with crypto than hear about how much other people are doing with it (and how much they’re making from it). Get The 2022 Blockchain Development Fundamentals Bundle while it’s on sale for $25 (regular price: $1,000). And once your crypto investments start paying dividends, make figuring out your taxes a breeze with Accointing crypto tax software.

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