iOS 15.4 lets some iPhone users download software updates over 4G

iOS 15.4 lets some iPhone users download software updates over 4G


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It's about time.
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iOS 15.4 gives some iPhone owners the ability to download software updates over a 4G LTE data connection for the first time.

It was previously possible to use 5G to get the latest over-the-air releases on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. But Apple is now expanding that functionality by giving users in certain territories the ability to use 4G LTE as well.

Apple expands software updates over 4G

If you don’t have internet at home, or your connection just isn’t all that reliable, downloading content using your smartphone can be a safer bet. But until iPhone 12 arrived in 2020, Apple wouldn’t serve new software over a data connection.

That is finally changing now that cellular connectivity has become faster and more reliable. After giving us the ability to acquire new firmware releases over 5G, Apple has begun expanding the feature to support 4G LTE networks, too.

The change was this week spotted in the latest (third) iOS 15.4 beta. But according to 9to5Mac, it is currently available only in certain regions — and it’s not yet clear exactly which ones (aside from the U.S.) are eligible.

iOS 15.4 still in beta

Of course, it’s important to remember iOS 15.4 is still in testing and things could change before it makes its public debut. Apple could open the feature up to even more users, or it could pull it entirely so that it remains exclusive to 5G.

Other improvements in iOS 15.4 include the ability to use Face ID with a mask, a whole bunch of new emoji, support for Universal Control, and brand-new filtering options in the Apple Podcasts app.

The update is expected to roll out to everyone next month — likely just after Apple’s rumored spring event.