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Light up your room like a lightsaber with these minimalist LED floor lamps


Don't make light of this deal on an awesome LED lamp.
This minimalist LED lamp changes how your home feels.
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Lighting is one of the most important design features for making your home feel right for you.

Want to switch things up? You can control the lighting in your home without sacrificing any space by adding a few of Lamp Depot’s Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamps to your rooms.

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LED Corner Floor Lamps

These LED Corner Floor Lamps give you a level of control that really can’t be matched with other lighting rigs unless you’re going to spring for a professional installation. For normal illumination, you can set up a soft white light that doesn’t flicker or give off heat. If you want mood lighting, you can shuffle through literally millions of colors and hundreds of multicolor effects. For instance, you can turn on a cool blue light when you’re trying to sleep, or trigger gentle reds and oranges to simulate the sunrise.

Light is the one thing no home can do without. You can transform light from a utility into an extension of your personality. One 5-star Amazon reviewer said owning these LED lamps is “like having a lightsaber as your room lighting.” And that really speaks for itself about how cool and customizable these lamps can be.

Save on Lamp Depot’s Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamps

Furniture is almost always a trade-off between form, function and space. You get a nice chair, but you lose the spot of floor where your dog likes to sleep. These minimalist lamps fit snugly into a corner, hug the wall, and can slide behind furniture. They’re LEDs, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage. And the weighted, sturdy design will keep them safely standing upright.

Take control of your lighting without losing control of your space. For a limited time, you can get the Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp on sale! Get one ($74.99), two ($139.98), four ($309.99) or six ($469.99) lamps now for up to 55% off!

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