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Get a great Valentine’s Day deal on encrypted storage with pCloud


pCloud offers you a reliable, affordable and secure option for cloud storage.
pCloud offers you a reliable, affordable and secure option for cloud storage.
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This cloud storage post is presented by pCloud. 

If you’re looking for reliable cloud storage, you might want to skip the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox and go straight for pCloud. The Switzerland-based company, subject to strong privacy laws, offers affordable, super-secure cloud-based storage and backup for individuals and businesses.

Even better, right now you can get 75% off all individual lifetime plans in the company’s Valentine’s Day promotion. You can read more about that, as well as pCloud’s benefits, below.

Benefits of pCloud storage and backup

Just by signing up with pCloud, you get up to 10GB of storage free. And the service offers a range of benefits for all users.

Access from all devices

You can access pCloud storage from all of your devices. It’s easy to save files and have easy access to them on your laptop via pCloud Drive. And you also can access them from your smartphone or from another device via the web.

Media player

A built-in audio and video player allows you to play songs and watch videos as soon as you upload them to the cloud storage platform.

Easy file sharing and collaboration

Using pCloud, it’s also simple to share and collaborate. You can send and receive files from friends or colleagues and work on them together using pCloud file-sharing apps and the web interface.

Robust security

For many people, strong security is a top feature of pCloud. To protect your files, pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption, applied when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers.

What’s more, for “unbreakable security,” as the company puts it, you can keep your private files confidential with even higher-level encryption called pCloud Crypto. It lets you access private files from any device while keeping them hidden from others.

In fact, pCloud offered $100,000 to 2,860 hackers from all over the world to see if they could hack the system in 180 days — and they all failed. Not every cloud storage provider can say that.

Extended File History and pCloud Rewind

By default, you can recover files in pCloud from up to 30 days (Premium/Lifetime plan) or 15 days (Free plan) in the past. The optional Extended File History functionality prolongs the period during which you can record file versions and restore trashed files by up to one year. It’s available as a paid add-on to a pCloud account.

Similarly, you can recover files with pCloud Rewind. It’s like a time machine for your files. You can use it to travel back up to 30 days in the past and get photos, videos, documents and shared content you changed or moved to the trash. Simply set a time and date, and explore all the changes made at that moment, with the option to restore or download any previous version with a click.

Backing up third-party apps

Another great feature of pCloud is its integration with third-party apps. Using the Backups section on, you can back up your digital content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook and Instagram.

To do it, just select an external platform and click on the Start button to the right. You can perform backups of different services at the same time, and also stop and resume the backup process any time you like. You can unlink an account from the backup settings menu at the bottom of the Backups section.

Valentine’s Day sale on lifetime plans

In pCloud’s Valentine’s Day promotion, you can get any lifetime plan for 75% off. Here are the options:

500GB: For this lifetime plan, you’d normally pay $500. But for the promotion, it’s marked down to a one-time payment of $122.50. This gets you 500GB of storage, 500GB of shared-link traffic, customizable shared-link branding, and 30 days’ trash history to track and restore files when necessary.

2TB: This lifetime plan comes with all the benefits of the 500GB plan, but with much more storage space. For the promotion, this one is marked down from $980 to a one-time payment of $245.

And when you sign up for any pCloud plan, you can select the data region where your files and personal data are stored — either in the United States (Dallas, Texas) or in the European Union (Luxembourg).