Verizon iPhone 4 Launching On February 10th And Network Is “Ready To Launch”



Verizon has made the launch date of the iPhone 4 on their network official: it will be coming on February 10th, and according to Verizon’s Dan Dee, they are ready for launch, and no one is going to experience the sort of congestion that has become synonymous with AT&T’s iPhone service.

“Wireless customers have been asking for the iPhone on Verizon — and we’re excited to offer this to existing and new customers. I want to tell you how dedicated we are to launch this. Our employees are ready, we’ve been scaling our shipping systems. We’ve been scaling our inventory systems,” said Vee.

“I want to spend a minute on how robust our network is. We have designed this network for customers to have an optimum experience. We have been drive testing this on our network. We’re now into the thousands of devices, and we could not be more pleased.”

“iPhone 4 is going to run on our network… network capacity — we have advanced the capacity and built margin into it. We’re ready for this launch,” asserted Vee.

After years of spotty AT&T service, Verizon knows this is what people need to hear to be convinced to make the switch.