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iPad leads cops to kidnap victim


iPad leads cops to kidnap victim
Sometime your gear can be found when you cannot.
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A Colorado woman was rescued from a kidnapper after police tracked down her iPad at a motel in another state.

Apple devices can be connected to the Find My network, allowing their owners to locate them if they’re misplaced. But the feature has other uses… obviously.

Kidnapping foiled by an iPad

On February 2, Joseph Beecher allegedly broke into a Colorado home of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, according to the New York Daily News. His plan supposedly was to kidnap the politician’s two daughters. But when he encountered housekeeper Amanda Edinger and learned his original targets were not at the home he reportedly kidnapped Edinger instead.

Edinger was allegedly forced to drive Beecher to Denver and then Wyoming. She was also forced to withdraw money from an ATM for him.

Beecher was taken into custody in Cheyenne on February 3 after police located Edinger’s iPad.

Find My to the rescue… probably

While it’s not 100% clear that investigators used Find My to locate the iPad, it’s the most likely option.

Devices with Find My support can be pinpointed on a map by someone who is authorized. For example, Edinger’s spouse might have been able to easily track her computer. Even if the iPad doesn‘t have built-in GPS or Wi-Fi access, all it would take would be getting near another Apple computer for the location to be known.

Via: AppleInsider