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Turn your iPad into an art studio with this top-rated digital pen


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Using a digital pen with your iPad (or other tablet) can open up a whole world of new everyday uses. And you don’t need to invest in an expensive Apple Pencil to try it out.

Instead, this top-rated Digi Pen for iPad and other tablets is a great accessory for stepping up how you use your device. And right now, it’s on sale for 59% off.

Apple pencil alternative

With this high-sensitivity stylus at your fingertips, you’ll be able to use your tablet for sketching, drawing and note-taking. So, whether you want to embrace your inner artist and unleash your creativity without having to purchase cumbersome and messy art supplies, step up your work or study annotation, or become more organized than ever by using digital planners, this is the tool that will help you do it all.

With digital pens, accuracy is everything. That’s why the Digi Pen’s 1.2mm fine tip and pixel precision has won it fans across the internet. Add to that a highly sensitive tilt functionality for drawing realistic brushstrokes of varying weights, depths and angles — all with zero lags, skips or scratches — and you’ll be effortlessly creating detailed, authentic sketches.

The stylus’s body, made of smooth aluminum alloy and designed to feel comfortable — while not too heavy or too light — only adds to its ease of use for the whole family.

Palm rejection

One other feature of this digital pen that we’re fans of is its palm-rejection technology. This smart tech means you can write directly on the screen as if you’re writing on paper. You’ll never need to worry about whether your hand is brushing the touchscreen.

It means that writing on your tablet has never been easier, which is also particularly helpful for older users or people who struggle to accurately use a touchscreen with their fingers alone. It’s just one more reason this digital pen achieves an excellent 5-star rating from users.

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