iPhone 13 owners report strange pink screen issue, Apple calls it a bug

iPhone 13 owners report strange pink screen issue, Apple calls it a bug


iPhone 13 pink screen issue
Why hasn't Apple fixed it already?
Photo: DPigar/Apple Support Communities

A growing number of iPhone 13 owners are reporting a mysterious issue that causes their displays to turn pink. The problem seems to be arising after a device restart — sometimes after the iPhone has frozen.

According to Apple, the problem is a software bug rather than a hardware issue. However, some users have been experiencing it since iPhone 13 made its debut.

iPhone 13’s screen turns pink

An Apple forum thread first started in October contains a long list of reports, the most recent of which was filed last week, from iPhone 13 owners whose displays have suddenly turned pink. “It happens all the time,” the original poster wrote.

“My iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen turned pink and knocked itself out on Halloween,” another user wrote. “A few weeks later, I was deleting some stuff and when I went to my photos library, the whole screen was pink.”

“I had the same issue with my iPhone 13 Pro Max,” wrote another. “I tried restarting, resetting settings and every solution I found online but with no success.”

Some say they have returned their devices to Apple and received replacement iPhone 13 units. However, all the evidence points to this being a software issue, rather than a problem with iPhone 13’s display itself.

Apple confirms it’s a software bug

Many of the reports are accompanied by photos that show the issue, as well pink screenshots captured on the iPhone itself, which confirm the weird tint is not caused by the display panel but iOS instead.

Apple has also backed up that theory. A statement posted to its official Weibo account in China, where it seems the majority of reports are coming from, says the company has found no “relevant problems” in its hardware.

What’s strange is that this is an ongoing issue months after iPhone 13 made its debut. If it’s a simple software bug, it’s unclear why Apple hasn’t eliminated it already. There’s no mention of a pink screen fix in the iOS 15.3 beta, either.

Perhaps the issue isn’t widespread enough to warrant a quicker fix.

Via: MyDrivers, 9to5Mac