AirPods 3 drop back to their lowest price ever

AirPods 3 drop back to their lowest price ever


AirPods 3 drop back to their lowest price ever
AirPods 3 are brilliant… and on sale!
Photo: Apple

Amazon has an answer for what to do with that gift card you received over the holidays. The recently released AirPods 3 are once again selling for their lowest price ever: $139.99.

And there are significant deals on AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 as well.

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AirPods 3 uphold Apple’s tradition of great wireless earbuds

The third-generation AirPods offer more than small tweaks over their predecessors. They have outstanding audio quality (of course) and also deliver longer battery life than either AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro. And there’s spatial audio for a surround sound-like experience.

I have a pair of AirPods 3, and am glad they don’t have active noise cancellation. I wear them while exercising outdoors and I like that cars can’t sneak up on me.

And all Apple wireless headphones work brilliantly with iPhone, iPad and Mac, letting the wearer enjoy music or podcasts wherever they go.

The new AirPods 3 are available now on Amazon for $139.99. That’s a $39.01 savings — a welcome 22%.

If you can’t live without ANC, AirPods Pro are now $189.99. That’s a savings of $59.01, or 24% off the standard price

For just the basics, Amazon is offering second-generation AirPods at $119. That’s a pleasant $40 off the original price — a 25% savings.

Don’t procrastinate because these deals won‘t last. Go use that Amazon gift card before you accidentally blow it on laundry detergent or something.