Ted Lasso loses his mustache in Apple's animated Christmas short

Ted Lasso loses his mustache in Apple’s animated Christmas short


Ted Lasso loses his mustache
Ted just isn't the same without his mustache.
Photo: Apple

Ted Lasso is back like you’ve never seen him before in a new Christmas movie from Apple. The animated short sees the world’s most lovable soccer coach mysteriously lose his mustache ahead of the holidays.

Ted’s team members — voiced by the series’ original actors — come together to find his missing facial hair before he has a FaceTime call with his son. And, as you might expect from the Ted Lasso cast, hilarity ensues.

Ted Lasso — The Missing Christmas Mustache

Ted Lasso just wouldn’t be the same without his bushy mustache. So, when it goes missing, he’s worried his son Henry won’t be able to recognize him. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) Ted’s team is on hand to help him find it.

Claymation versions of Jamie Tartt, Keeley Jones, Rebecca Welton, Roy Kent and other popular characters from the Apple TV+ series split up to search for the “snot mop” before Christmas. It’s well worth four minutes of your time.

Ted Lasso has become one of the biggest and most successful Apple TV+ shows, picking up a number of big awards, including four Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Actors.

This year, the second season of Ted Lasso hit Apple TV+. A third season — rumored to be the last — is commissioned for 2022.