This digital microscope for smartphones is the ultimate gift for science fans

This digital microscope for smartphones is the ultimate gift for science fans


Grab this awesome digital microscope which connects to your phone on sale with 20% off now.
Simply connect this microscope to an iPhone, iPad or Mac to see incredible things.
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Your iPhone can do a lot of smart things, but did you know it can become an awesome microscope? All you need is this WiFi Digital Microscope, which you can grab on sale today for just $55.95. That’s a 20% discount off the regular price of $69.

A microscope for your iPhone

Not only is this a fascinating gadget to play with, but this is one seriously cool gift to give all ages interested in science and exploring the world around them this holiday season. And that family member who has everything? We’re pretty sure they won’t have one of these — but they probably wish they did.

If you’re wondering what exactly a Wi-Fi digital microscope is, prepare to add this to your personal letter to Santa, too. Simply connect the gadget via Wi-Fi (within a 33-foot range) to your iPhone, iPad or Android device (or connect via USB to your computer). Then you’ll see the miniature world up close and clear on your screen. The natural world, household objects, bugs, plants — the possibilities for what you can explore with this microscope really are endless. And they’re all set to be amazing.

Whatever you decide to investigate, you’ll see it in incredible detail, thanks to this microscope’s ability to magnify from 50 to 1,000 times an object’s actual size. Not only will you be seeing the world closer than ever before, but you’ll be able to see even the most intricate objects clearly, thanks to eight LED lights that can be adjusted to the perfect brightness level to illuminate anything you need them to.

We’re also big fans of the fact that this microscope comes with both a camera and recording features. As well as viewing objects through the lens in real time, you’ll be able to record high-quality videos using the device’s 1920x1080p camera. Yes, your Instagram feed just became way more interesting.

Save on the WiFi Digital Microscope

Give a gift they’ll never forget with this WiFi Digital Microscope, on sale for just $55.95 (regular price $69) for a limited time.

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