This awesome X-ray wallpaper lets you see inside your Apple Watch

This awesome X-ray wallpaper lets you see inside your Apple Watch


Apple Watch X-ray wallpaper
One of the coolest ways to use the Photos face.
Photo: iFixit

Your Apple Watch is surprisingly pretty on the inside. Take a peek behind the screen with this awesome wallpaper from the fine folks over at iFixit.

The photo is a real X-ray image of Apple Watch Series 7. It clearly shows off a number of important components, including its Taptic Engine, intricate chipset, and the wireless charging coil. And it works great as a watch face.

A peek inside your Apple Watch

Apple still doesn’t allow third-party faces on Apple Watch, which is a great shame. The best way to create a custom face right now is to use a cool photo as your Apple Watch wallpaper. And they don’t get much cooler than this one.

iFixit, with the help of Creative Electron, bagged a brilliant X-ray of a 44mm Apple Watch Series 7. It shows the inner workings of the device — and the many components packed into its tiny shell — in a way that other images can’t.

The X-ray clearly shows larger components, like Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine and charging coil. And if you look closely, you can also pick out smaller parts and the dozens of tiny transistors around its chips.

You can download the image in full resolution from iFixit. And, if you prefer, there are normal photos (non-X-ray) of Apple Watch’s internals, too.

Using a photo as your Apple Watch face

To turn these images into an Apple Watch face, first save them to your iPhone, then open them in Photos on your Apple Watch. You may have to wait a little while for them to be synced between devices. Then, follow these steps:

  1. With the photo opened on your Watch, tap the share button
  2. Tap Create Face
  3. Tap Photos

Your new face should now be set. If it doesn’t appear automatically, swipe left on your Apple Watch until you find it.