Isolate vocals like a pro with EasySplitter -- on sale for less than $25

Isolate vocals like a pro with EasySplitter — on sale for less than $25


Get your own remix tracks with a lifetime subscription to EasySplitter Pro.
You can easily break down songs into separate parts with this affordable audio splitter.
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Have you ever tried isolating the vocals from a song? It can be exhausting work. Separating audio into various tracks can take hours. Without the right software, it’s a very tedious task.

Thankfully, there is a 21st-century solution to this painfully slow process: EasySplitter Pro. And it’s on sale for a steal right now.

Separate audio tracks the easy way

EasySplitter Pro is an AI-powered software that seamlessly splits audio files. With this powerful tool in your audio arsenal, you can stop poring over files, trying to perfectly isolate specific parts, and just let the computer do the work. EasySplitter is not only intuitive, but fun to use.

And it’s also on sale. A lifetime membership to EasySplitter Pro is currently available for only $39.99. Usually, this service retails at $599 for a lifetime membership. That’s a savings of 93%. Plus, you can take an extra 40% off in our extended Cyber Monday sale when you use code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Separate songs into STEMs

EasySplitter Pro efficiently separates songs into four STEMs: vocal, instrumental, drums and bass. Once separated, the files can be played through the EasySplitter interface or downloaded for future use. If you forget to download a STEM, or don’t realize you want to keep one until after you’re done working with that track, don’t worry. All the audio files you work on with EasySplitter Pro are stored for 30 days in the history tab.

EasySplitter Pro is one of the best audio-splitting apps on the market. The software features blazingly fast processing speeds without any audio quality loss. Plus, EasySplitter Pro offers full web and mobile synchronization. So, files you work on with your desktop or laptop are easily available on your mobile device with the app.

Users love EasySplitter Pro for its ease of use and the high-quality final product. “As a voice and instrument instructor, I used phonicmind (pm) to set up songs for students as backing tracks, sans bass, drums, and/or voice (as well as keys/ synths). Then I tried EasySplitter (ES). Best stem provider I’ve ever used and price of 1 song from pm gets you 50 from ES and quality is as good or better!”

Save on EasySplitter Pro

Get a lifetime subscription to EasySplitter Pro for only $23.99 (regularly $599) when you enter the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.