Apple now has a MacBook upgrade program for small businesses

Apple launches MacBook upgrade program for small businesses


Apple Mac Upgrade Program
Prices start at just $30 a month.
Image: Apple

Small businesses can now purchase new MacBooks for as little as $30 a month through Apple’s new Mac Notebook Upgrade Program.

The scheme, facilitated by Apple financing partner CIT, allows businesses partners to return or swap their machines after just three months if a new model is released. It’s a little like the iPhone Upgrade Program, but more flexible.

Mac gets more affordable for small businesses

Apple computers are some of the best on the market, but they’re not cheap — especially if you need a bunch of them for a small team. But with the Mac Notebook Upgrade Program, a new MacBook is suddenly incredibly affordable.

CIT finances Apple’s newest machines for small business partners, and it charges just 3% of the unit’s cost every month. That means a $999 MacBook Air runs just $30, while a 13-inch MacBook Pro costs as little as $39.

Apple’s brand-new MacBook Pro models are available, too, with prices starting at $60 for the 14-inch model and $75 for the 16-inch option. However, no desktop machines are available through the program at this time.

Upgrade after 3 months

The big advantage to the Mac Notebook Upgrade Program, aside from its affordable prices, is that it’s incredibly flexible. CIT says you can swap or return machines after just three months of use.

You can apply for the program through the CIT website, which takes just a few minutes, the company says. Once your application is approved and signed, it is sent to Apple to process your order, and your new MacBook is sent out.

Sadly, the program isn’t available to consumers. We’d love to see a Mac Upgrade Program just like the iPhone Upgrade Program in the future.

Via: Max Weinbach