Brilliant iPhone 15 concept adds ‘Magic Wheel’ for new control options


Brilliant iPhone 15 concept adds ‘Magic Wheel’ for new control options
Meet the Magic Wheel.
Concept: ADR Studio

A new iPhone concept design puts a scroll wheel in place of the usual side button. And it changes the shape of the handset to eliminate the screen notch.

Watch the designer talk about his innovative iPhone 15 design in a new video.

iPhone concept dumps buttons for the Magic Wheel

The iPhone 15 concept comes from Antonio De Rosa and ADR Studio. Its highlight is the Magic Wheel, which takes the place of the current button to the right side of the handset.

Pressing it performs the same functions as the current buttons, but the scroll wheel makes it easier to move through long documents, or zoom into images.

The iPhone concept designer also proposes curving the top and bottom edges of the device outward. This would make room for the front-facing camera and remove the need for a notch. De Rosa’s design removes the Lightning port in favor of wireless charging — a change Apple is resisting.

 Phone Series 15?!?

De Rosa proposes a name change, too. This would be the  Phone Series 15, similar to the way Apple Watch is enumerated. There’d be a 6.1-inch Phone and a 6.7-inch Phone Max.

To be clear, this is entirely a concept based on De Rosa’s ideas. “At ADR Studio, we try to create concepts without listening to the leaks and the usual information,” he says in the video. “We try to create something different that could anticipate some solutions we can see on the next products.”

Get more details on the design, and see plenty of high-def renders, at ADR Studio website.