Boost your Mac’s storage on the cheap during Samsung external SSD sale

Boost your Mac’s storage on the cheap during Samsung external SSD sale


Samsung T7 connects easily to a variety of computers.
The Samsung T7 is ultraportable and can be used with Mac or iPad Pro.
Photo: Samsung

The Samsung T7 SSD is quick and it’s very portable. Plus, for a short time, it’s up to 35% off, dropping the 1TB version back to its lowest price: just $110. Or get 2 TB of additional storage for your Mac or iPad save even more money.

The drive offers USB 3.2 Gen 2 and works with a wide variety of devices, including ones with USB-A ports.

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Samsung T7 is one of the best SSDs available

I reviewed the Samsung T7 for Cult of Mac and was very pleased with it. It’s about the size of a credit card but thicker, which means it fits very easily in my gear bag.

But I can’t decide if that’s my favorite feature. Because I also really like that the T7 is compatible with so many different devices. The SSD includes a USB-C port so of course it works with my iPad Pro, but I can also use it with pretty much any device with a USB-A port. It even comes bundled with the necessary adapter.

When I was writing the review, I successfully tested Samsung’s external drive with a variety of computers. That includes my iPhone with the right adapter. Or I can plug it into my TV and play video.

All of this makes the T7 an ideal place to store a collection of music, videos, images, ebooks, etc. that you’d like to access on the go and/or with a range of computers.

And think about this: if you having an aging Mac with a too-tiny HD, you can get this SSD and bulk up your storage capacity. And when you get a replacement Mac you’ll still be able to use the accessory for storage.

Plenty o’ storage on sale

The 2TB version of the Samsung T7 normally goes for $329.99 but Amazon knocked 30% off the cost, lowering it to $229.99. That’s $100 below the usual.

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And the 1TB version is regularly $169.99 but is now available for $109.99 — $60 off — thanks to a sale at Amazon.

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The 500GB version of the Samsung T7 didn’t get left out. It’s usually $99.99 but is now $79.99 at Amazon, a savings of 20%.

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No matter the storage capacity, the external solid state drive comes in gray, blue or red.