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Magnets make this iPhone power bank and case combo extra-magical.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Wireless chargers don’t have to be bulky things that live on your nightstand. The Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with Xvida Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 is a slim, portable power bank that packs a major charge into a small package.

We’ve got sets that fit every model in the iPhone 13 lineup. And for a limited time, you’ll pay only $46.74 if you use the code SAVE15NOV during our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

A great MagSafe battery pack

This battery pack and case combo is great if you want a minimal look for your iPhone 13 and a power bank that will get you through even your longest day. The case is MagSafe-compatible, and made of sturdy material to protect your phone from shock damage.

The battery pack is slim to the point that you’ll barely notice when you’re carrying it around with you. And yet this power bank gives you access to 5,000mAh of extra power to use throughout the day. That’s almost double the battery power of an iPhone 13.

The charger works with any Qi-enabled device, giving you fast-charging you can count on wherever you go. Plus, the soft case is easy on the hands if you’re powering your phone while you use it. Whether you’re away from home for a long work day, or out in the field taking surprisingly good iPhone pictures, this power bank will see to it that your phone remains active much longer.

Save on Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank and case for iPhone 13

If you want to extend the daily battery life of your phone or Qi-enabled device, check out this high-quality power bank and case. It retails for $70, and we typically sell it for $54.99. But for a limited time, you can get the Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with Xvida Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 for only $46.74. Just be sure to enter code SAVE15NOV during our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

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