Intense Dr. Brain sci-fi K-drama hits Apple TV+ on Nov. 4

Intense Dr. Brain sci-fi K-drama hits Apple TV+ on Nov. 4


Intense ‘Dr. Brain’ sci-fi K-drama hits Apple TV+ on Nov. 4
Dr. Brain risks madness to discover what killed his family.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dr. Brain will be the first Korean Apple Original when it launches on Apple TV+ in early November. It tells the story of a scientist so desperate to find out how his family was killed that he’s willing to connect his brain to theirs to access their memories.

A trailer released Monday gives a first look at how intense the six-episode series will be. Watch it now!

Dr. Brain will do anything to get to the truth

Apple says, “Get ready for a mind-bending journey with a genius neuroscientist who navigates through other people’s memories in search of the truth.” When the family of Sewon (played by Parasite actor Sun-kyun Lee) dies in a mysterious accident, he goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the tragic mystery by conducting “brain syncs” with the dead to access their memories for clues.

Dr. Brain is written and directed by Jee-Woon Kim (The Age of Shadows, A Bittersweet Life, A Tale of Two Sisters).

Based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name by Hongjacga, it marks the first Korean-language series to debut on Apple TV+. Its release is timed to coincide with the launch of the streaming service in South Korea.

The first episode of the sci-fi drama will premiere globally on Thursday, November 4 (Wednesday, November 3 in the United States). Apple will release one new episode per week through December 10, 2021.

Watching will require a $4.99-a-month subscription to Apple TV+. And that also brings access to other sci-fi series, like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Invasion. Plus there’s See starring Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista.

Source: Apple TV+