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This versatile charger powers up 4 devices at once


This powerful charging stand can charge Apple 4 devices simultaneously.
Why wrestle with a million cords?
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If you’ve invested this past year in a fancy at-home office setup, you know cable clutter can easily build up with the number of devices you rely on. And that only makes your desk feel that much more chaotic.

Make your workspace neater, and boost your productivity, with this 4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger. It’s a powerful, universal wireless charger that can power up to four devices at once, while keeping all your most-relied on gear conveniently located in one spot.

An inexpensive wireless charging station

Unlike other chargers that might force you to use one static orientation, this versatile, wireless charging stand can rotate 360 degrees. That means you can switch things up to best suit whatever devices you need charged in the moment. So you can safely charge your iPhone while watching a video, or power up a tablet while you attend a video meeting.

It also uses advanced technology to make sure none of your devices overheat or overcharge. Best of all, it’s truly compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You can juice up your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad all from the same space-saving charging hub. (It’s best paired with your original Apple Watch cable, since there’s no magnetic charger provided.)

And of course, this charging stand’s useful, ergonomic design hides annoying cable clutter, whether you use it at your desk or your nightstand. So you can stay organized no matter what.

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