How to see the AR Easter egg hidden in Apple’s October 18 event invite


How to see the AR Easter egg hidden in Apple’s October 18 event invite
Captain Tim Cook calls for warp speed!
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Concealed in Tuesday’s invite to the Apple October event is an augmented reality Easter egg. It’s a bonus to make the invite seem cool, and perhaps get Mac fans excited about what’s coming.

The graphic for the Oct. 18 event has a “zooming into hyperspace” effect. And it looks even better in AR.

How to see the AR easter egg in October Apple event invite

To see the Easter egg, go to the official Apple Events page on an iPhone. This must be done on an iPhone, not an iPad or Mac. Next, tap on the big Apple graphic you see on that web page. (It’s just above “Apple Event.”) That will launch the ARKit augmented-reality viewer built into iOS.

The invite has a static image of the Apple logo drawn with spears of light headed toward the viewer. The AR version puts these into motion. They form into the Apple logo and “10.18,” the date of the event.

The overall effect is much like some sci-fi movies portray faster-than-light travel.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s head of marketing, unleashed an extended version of the visual on Twitter.

No hints here

People love to analyze Apple’s event invites for clues about what the company will unveil. And it’s not a crazy idea. The multicolored logo used for the April 2021 event presaged the many colors of iMac announced that day.

But that doesn’t seem likely this time. Leaks and rumors point to multiple new Macs being on the agenda, and Tim Cook and Co. probably haven’t built a hyperspace drive into the new MacBooks.