Learn to code (and ace the exams you need to land a sweet new job)

Learn to code (and ace the exams you need to land a sweet new job)


Learn to code and ace the MTA, PCEP & ITIL 4 exams.
This coding skills bundle includes prep work for several major certification exams.
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If you want the job of the future, you’d better learn to code. This bundle of courses will teach you a variety of crucial computer languages so you can build your own apps, games and more.

The Premium Coding Skills Bundle is your ticket to mastering the coding skills you need to succeed. Plus, this bundle helps prep you for the exams you’ll need to pass to gain key qualifications employers are looking for.

Learn to code

This bundle includes 29 hours of training on coding languages, including Python, MySQL, C++ and more. You get nine courses in total, each valued at $200.


Python is a foundational programming language for beginners and seasoned coders alike, and is one of the most requested skills in 2021. After you take the included “PCEP: Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification Prep Course,” you can add Python 3 to your resume.

The course will help you understand object-oriented programming. You’ll dive right into hands-on programming, and learn to automate coding tasks by building custom Python functions. You’ll also learn how to pass the MTA 98-381 Python certification exam.

MySQL and C++

The bundle also includes a course that helps you understand the ins and outs of MySQL, the No. 1 database management system. Take it, and you can successfully apply for jobs as an SQL developer, business analyst or database administrator.

Another course shows you how to use C++ professionally. These quintessential languages help build a baseline for you to pass the MTA 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals exam, which focuses on core programming, object-oriented programming and general software development.

Save on the Premium Coding Skills Bundle

And that’s just the beginning. The Premium Coding Skills Bundle will take you from a total beginner to a qualified coder ready to apply for the hottest jobs around. Best of all, these courses are all rated 4.2 or higher out of 5 stars.

Get this Premium Coding Skills Bundle for just $29. It’s an $1,800 value, and it’s available for a limited time only.

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