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Protect your iPhone 13 with the PHNX thin case


PHNX tthin cases for iPhone 13 are sleek but protective.
These thin cases for iPhone 13 are sleek but protective.
Photo: PHNX

This post on iPhone 13 cases is brought to you by PHNX.

Getting a new iPhone — such as any in the recently released iPhone 13 series — brings up a conundrum. Do you protect the pricey and gorgeous new gadget with a heavy-duty case, or do you go for a covering that shows off the handset? Luckily for you, PHNX makes that choice easy with its iPhone 13 thin case. It’s thin but protective.

iPhone 13 PHNX Case: Don’t be a ‘fat-pocket Freddy’

PHNX provides thin smartphone cases for minimalists. The company did it for the iPhone 12 series, and now it does it for iPhone 13 series. The cases highlight the curves and contours of your phone’s design rather than hiding the sleek handset inside a thick rubber housing.

You don’t want to be a “fat-pocket Freddy,” do you? With the iPhone 13 PHNX Case, you don’t have to be. Inside the thin case, your protected iPhone 13 won’t be much thicker than an iPhone 13 with no case at all. They’re barely noticeable.

Thin but protective

Each case measures just 0.35mm thick. And even though it’s thin enough to show off your iPhone 13 without adding much bulk, it’s still protective.

And adding to your iPhone 13’s security, a raised bump around the back camera assembly provides extra protection against scratches. So when you set down your phone on a table — or if you drop it — the rim protects the lenses from scuffs and scrapes.

In addition, a special finish prevents fingerprints from marring the iPhone’s glass back, which is a notorious fingerprint magnet.

Show off that beautiful phone

PHNX makes cases for those who want to show off their iPhone while keeping it protected. The slim, sleek, non-branded case preserves the beautiful look and feel that made Apple phones famous.

In fact, you may not even think about the case until your iPhone falls and hits the ground. Then you’ll notice it did its job, because your phone remains undamaged.

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The cases come in nice, subtle colors that complement their minimalism: Frosted White, Frosted Black and Matte Black. And PHNX offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee, and a two-year warranty, on its products.

Price: $25 ($20 with discount code cultofmac)

Where to preorder: PHNX