Feast your eyes on these zany Casely iPhone 13 cases


Casely's new iPhone 13 cases are a feast for the eyes. If you're into that sort of thing.
Casely's new iPhone 13 cases are a feast for the eyes. If you're into that sort of thing.
Photo: Casely

Apple accessories provider Casely is known for its kooky and colorful designs. That remains true with its new iPhone 13 cases. The new Casely iPhone 13 case collections for Apple’s new handsets are full of zany patterns, prints and textures worthy of an Instagram influencer.

New Casely iPhone 13 cases

The new Casely iPhone 13 Bold + MagSafe Case collection and the company’s other lines include many kooky, colorful and, in some cases, classy designs. The Brooklyn, New York-based company offers designs like leopard skin, enchanted forests, flowers, smiley faces, plaid, artistic landscapes, marble patterns and quite a few others.

As Casely notes of one particular specimen, “the limited-edition teal blue seaglass phone case bejeweled with a blue and teal marble finish and textured with a seaglass appearance makes it an elegant choice for any phone case enthusiast.”

Most Casely iPhone 13 case designs are available in all of the company’s main lines. The lines are Classic, Bold, Bold + MagSafe and Power 2.0 (in which the cases come with a battery pack).

Protective features

Casely’s Bold cases are its most protective sheaths. They provide solid screen protection and shock absorption. Each case features two layers of tough polycarbonate backing, TPU sides and raised edges.

Also note that Casely says it offers the only case subscription club, where you can sign up to get new cases at a discount monthly or seasonally. With all those fresh looks, you might want to go for that frequent refresh.

Price: $40

Where to buy: Casely