Apple gives us a guided tour of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro ahead of launch


iPhone 13 guided tour video
A closer look at what's coming.
Photo: Apple

Itching to get your hands on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro? There’s no way to make your preorder arrive earlier, unfortunately. But it is possible to take a deeper look at what you have to look forward to with Apple’s new guided tour video.

The seven-minute feature, uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, highlights the differences between each of the four iPhone 13 variants, and provides a look at new features like Cinematic mode, ProMotion, and lots more.

A guided tour of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

You might be struggling to decide whether it’s really worth upgrading to iPhone 13 this year. Apple’s newest handsets look a lot like their predecessors on the outside, and they’re not that much different on the inside, either.

But there are a number of new features that might make iPhone 13 — and 13 Pro, in particular — a must-have refresh for you. Especially if you’re a keen iPhone photographer who wants the best possible camera performance.

That’s where a lot of the improvements lie for iPhone 13, as you’ll see in Apple’s guided tour video. Other highlights include the brilliantly smooth ProMotion screen on Pro models, and the much-improved battery life.

Preorder iPhone 13 today

Apple’s video probably won’t change your mind if you’ve already decided you’re going to skip this year’s iPhone refresh. But if you are planning to upgrade and you’re struggling to choose which model to go for, it may prove helpful.

We think you should opt for iPhone 13 Pro over one of the standard models. With its improved Telephoto lens, macro photography support, and ProMotion display, it looks like a much better device than its more affordable siblings.

You can preorder iPhone 13 and 13 Pro today before they make their official debuts this Friday, September 24. But be warned: Shipping dates for all models have now slipped, so new customers face a lengthy wait for delivery. If you didn’t already place your preorder, your best bet might be to check availability on launch day at your local Apple store.