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Protect your data with the world’s fastest VPN for 80% off


Stream content securely with this premium VPN for 80% off.
This premier VPN offers military-grade encryption at an affordable price.
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There are plenty of threats to your data and privacy lingering on the internet these days. Using a reliable, top-rated security solution like this HotSpot Shield VPN Premium Subscription can protect your personal information from hackers and spyware alike.

The array of security solutions is vast, but HotSpot is an easy pick, especially if you love to stream content or torrent.

A fast, reliable VPN

In 2020 alone, 155.8 million people were affected by data exposures. With those odds, it’s highly likely you’re using a platform or visiting a major website that’s likely to be hacked (if it hasn’t been already).

By using a virtual private network, you can encrypt your internet connection and appear completely anonymous at all times online. And unlike other VPNs — which can be slow and laborious to use, especially while streaming — Hotspot Shield is actually designed to efficiently access sites and streaming platforms (Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.) from around the world. In fact, Hotspot Shield ranked as the “world’s fastest VPN” two years in a row, according to Ookla’s Speedtest.

Hotspot Shield uses more than 115 virtual locations across more than 80 countries and 35 cities to make it appear like you’re logging on from somewhere else in the world. It also offers award-winning VPN protocols and military-grade encryption. The focus on security prevents hackers, malware and phishing sites from tracking you while you browse online.

Best of all, it offers unlimited bandwidth for smooth streaming without buffering. That means you can watch your favorite content, whether that’s games, live sports or movies, sans interruption.

Save on HotSpot Shield VPN Premium

You can enjoy unrestricted access to use across any app or website with just a click of a button. And you can do so with total peace of mind. Hotspot Shield never tracks, logs or stores any of your personally identifiable information, including your IP address. Your internet service provider can’t even even see what sites you visit.

Get a three-year subscription to HotSpot Shield VPN Premium for just $89.99 (regularly $467) for a limited time.

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