Get in your best shape with this blood oxygen-level-monitoring smartwatch

Get in your best shape with this blood oxygen-level-monitoring smartwatch


Gain deep insights into your health with this smartwatch.
This smartwatch monitors your blood-oxygen levels (and costs much less than an Apple Watch).
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The Letsfit IW2 LCD smartwatch costs just a fraction of an Apple Watch, but it’s an innovative all-in-one solution for your fitness and your health. While your beloved Apple Watch can do it all, fitness trackers like this one earned a reputation for a more singular focus. They can deliver insights specifically related to your health and fitness. And some pack other features Apple Watch doesn’t.

A fitness-oriented smartwatch

Your Sp02 (oxygen saturation level) indicates how well your body absorbs oxygen and how much oxygen is delivered to your blood while you’re at rest and moving. This Letsfit IW2 LCD smartwatch allows you to measure those levels with ease. And that data can provide deep insights into your wellness and health that other smartwatches and fitness trackers can’t do at such a granular level.

This fitness-oriented wearable also monitors your heart rate 24/7. Plus, it tracks up to 10 different sports modes like running and cycling, so you can gain accurate insights into your performance. It even records your sleep patterns so you can see if you’re getting the necessary rest and recovery your body needs.

You also can find all your fitness data, a breakdown of your general health and many more functions through the Letsfit app.

The IW2 features a 5ATM waterproof nano-coating, so it’s protected against splashes, sprinkles, sprays, splatters and everything in between. And with a 1.55-inch LCD display, you can see all your workout details on a bigger, brighter screen. Unlike an Apple Watch (which needs to get recharged daily), this smartwatch can last for 10 days on one full charge.

Save on Letsfit IW2 1.55-inch LCD Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is certainly one of the best smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrids around, but it can cost a pretty penny. While the Apple Watch SE retails for $279, this smartwatch costs far less — and now it’s on sale so you can save even more.

Usually $49, you can get this Letsfit IW2 1.55-inch LCD Smart Watch for $42.99, or 14% off. You can find it in three different colors:

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