Take charge of your cord management with this 4-in-1 Apple charger

Take control of your cord management with this 4-in-1 Apple charger


This 4-in-1 Apple charger powers up all your devices.
Stop dealing with tangled cords with this 4-in-1 Apple charger.
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You shouldn’t need to carry around a separate bag for chargers or learn complex cord management just because you have more than one device that you use every day. Instead, you can consolidate all of your chargers into one without sacrificing charging speed.

The 4-in-1 Multi-Port and Apple Watch Charger can charge four of your devices at once, is a comfortable length without opening itself up to tangles, and is on sale for $18.

One charger for all your Apple gear

If you’re at work or in class, you shouldn’t have to make the Sophie’s choice between charging your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. Power up all three, along with another device, using a multi charger that is powerful and wildly convenient.

With Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB connections, plus a magnetic Apple Watch wireless charger, you’re pretty much set for every device you might be using. The cord measures 1.2 meters long — just lengthy enough that you can get comfortable, but not so long that it’ll get lodged in the wheel of your office chair. And even if it does experience some turbulence, the cord is made of braided nylon cable and has an aluminum shell, so it can take some damage.

The 4-in-1 Multi-Port Charger is perfect for the home office, decluttering a nightstand, or just not taking up four outlets when you need to charge all your stuff at once. On average, iPhone chargers might last a year with normal wear and tear. The Multi-Port charger is built to last and work well the entire time you have it.

Save on 4-in-1 Multi-Port and Apple Watch Charger

You can clean up the cord clutter by putting all your chargers into one place. Get the 4-in-1 Multi-Port and Apple Watch Charger in white or black for $17.99 — a price drop of 48%.

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