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‘Maximalist’ Mac mini setup takes up a tiny bit of Manhattan [Setups]


Here's to a 'maximalist' setup in a minimal space.
Here's to a 'maximalist' setup in a minimal space.
Photo: VentureNarcissist@Reddit.com

With all the staged, pristine-looking computer setups flaunted all over the web, regular folks can really appreciate a “lived in” and productive workstation — especially in something like the “maximalist” setup approach we came across recently.

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We found a computer workstation crammed into a small room next to a bed. It looked very much like the business end of a college dorm room.

But given that it’s situated in Manhattan, New York City, it could actually be all the space a well-paid white-collar professional could afford.

A ‘maximalist’ setup in the Big Apple

As it happens, it belongs to a full-time student who happens to be “in-between jobs at the moment.” Redditor VentureNarcissist — great handle — said he uses the setup mainly to read, write, study and game.

“I prefer this over the minimalist setups,” said one admirer of the busy but efficiently organized space. “It’s so functional given the limited space.”

“Exactly! I like to think of it as a maximalist approach as opposed to a minimalist one,” replied VentureNarcissist.

M1 Mac mini and a super ultrawide display

VentureNarcissist uses an M1 Mac mini of unknown specs tethered to an ambitiously wide display for the tight desktop. It’s a 49-inch Samsung super ultrawide monitor. It features a gaming-worthy refresh rate of 120Hz and HDR 1000 peak-brightness support.

Redditors also admired the Quartet Glass Desktop Computer Pad. At 18 inches by 6 inches, it a dry-erase whiteboard for taking notes. Here it’s tucked just in front of a mechanical keyboard. We’ve seen it in a couple of featured setups recently. It could be gaining in popularity.

And Redditors made much of VentureNarcissist’s notes. On the board he wrote:

  • Invade Russia in winter
  • Seize the means of production

Seems he might be a student of history, eh? Or a man weirdly hell-bent on conquest.

In addition to the whiteboard, a displayed page from The Onion satirical newspaper and some of the books in the photo garnered a lot of attention from fellow Redditors.

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