Control Meross’ affordable new Wi-Fi air purifier with HomeKit


The new Meross MAP100 Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier works with HomeKit.
The new Meross MAP100 Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier works with HomeKit.
Photo: Meross

Meross wants to help clear the air in some of your small-to-medium-sized rooms with its new MAP100 Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier. It works with HomeKit and other systems. And it’s priced affordably.

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Meross, known for a range of HomeKit-enabled accessories, rolled out the new purifier on Tuesday. The company said it offers powerful HEPA filtration and convenient smart controls associated with higher-level products, but at a lower price.

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier

The device, which looks a bit like a smart speaker, can sit on any flat surface. It’s meant to purify the air in small–to-medium-sized rooms, up to 207 square feet in area. It has a 360-degree air inlet.

The device features a three-stage filtration process that lasts up to six months before a filter change is recommended.

Meross said the included True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of common household particulates, such as pet dander, pollen and dust. At the same time, an activated carbon filter removes odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as smoke, chemicals and gasses.

Easy-to-use controls

Using your iPhone, you can control the air purifier’s three fan-speed settings through HomeKit or via the Meross app. The lowest setting operates at just 24 decibels (quiet). In addition, smart features include voice control, filter status notifications, timers, scheduling, child lock and automation with other accessories.

You can purchase the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier at Amazon for $145.99. However, right now you can take advantage of a special launch discount of an additional $30 off. Just clip the coupon on the Amazon page before checkout.

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