Apple’s ‘California streaming’ invite hints at iPhone 13 features


Apple’s 'California streaming' event invite hints at iPhone 13 features
Does this image suggest new camera features for the iPhone 13?
Photo: Apple

Some people love to carefully examine Apple event invites as though each one serves as a crystal ball that can show the future. The one that went out Tuesday might have been crafted to suggest that the iPhone 13 will be better at taking pictures of stars. Or maybe it hints that Apple’s virtual-reality headset will be unveiled.

On the other hand, it could be nothing more than a pretty picture.

Is this a hint? Maybe.

The people who don’t think Apple uses its event invites to drop hints about what’s on the docket can point to plenty of times the iPhone-maker didn’t do any such thing. And it’s true — quite a few such invites have had no hidden tips.

But that’s not always the case. The iPhone 12 was the first iOS device with super-fast 5G wireless and it’s no coincidence it was unveiled at an event with a “Hi, Speed” theme. And the multicolored logo used for the April 2021 event pointed to the the many iMac colors announced that day.

Apple’s September event invite hints at camera improvements

This year, the September event invite includes the Apple logo floating over a lake in the late evening. Anyone looking for clues might think that design suggests the iPhone 13 camera will be better at taking pictures under these conditions. In other words, expect better low-light images.

But it might go beyond that. The AR Easter egg in the September invite lets the user pass through the logo and reveal a star-studded sky. This adds weight to a previous unconfirmed report that Apple will add an astrophotography mode to the iPhone 13.

But the hints don’t have to be about the iPhone 13. Go back to that AR Easter egg. Once the iPhone user passes through the logo, they’re in a true virtual world. AR has been left behind. This might be Apple hinting it’s ready to unveil the virtual reality headset it’s allegedly prepping for release in 2022.

Or perhaps it’s hinting at an always-on screen, a major feature rumored for the iPhone 13.

On yet another completely different tack, when Greg Joswiak, Apple’s head of marketing, talked about the event on Twitter, he mentioned “California Streaming.” This could be a reference to the fact that the event will be streamed with no press in attendance. But maybe he’s instead hinting about a new streaming service.

Or Apple could simply have created a cool picture of its logo floating over a lake.

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