This 5-way charger with 24,000mAh capacity is 50% off


ScoutPro chargers all of your Apple devices.
This multifunctional charger can power up your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, MacBook and Apple Watch simultaneously.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s hard to find a charger that’s powerful enough to truly manage powering up all your devices simultaneously. While you can find handy enough chargers that can juice up to three or four devices at once, it’s rare to find one that can truly eradicate your cable clutter.

This ScoutPro: The Ultimate All-in-One Charger doesn’t just charge one, two or even three devices — its massive 24,000mAh capacity means you can use it to charge up to five devices at once.

One charger for up to five devices

While your iPhone and other devices might have large internal battery capacity, you can still find yourself running out of juice — especially if you’re on the road or have a busy day ahead of you. This portable battery is the perfect daily carry or at-home workstation accessory. Not only does it boast an impressive 100W output type-c charging, it also features five different ways of charging your devices. It’s also made to be used wirelessly, so you can choose to use it with or without cables.

It features built-in magnetic charging for the iPhone 12 family of devices and wireless charging for your Apple Watch. The battery also comes with a handy USB-A port to charge your AirPods, Bluetooth speakers and more.

You can use it to power up your devices anytime, anywhere — and if you’re using the battery at home, you can charge your iPad, MacBook and tablet all at the same time.

With a sturdy design that’s made to help your devices lay neatly flat, it’s the ideal battery pack to bring along with you on your travels. It’s durable enough to withstand any in-bag turbulence. Plus, it packs enough power to be everything you need for a working day trip.

This charger received 4.5/5 stars on Gear Diary. And Cult of Mac’s review called this accessory a definite winner: “There are so many external batteries that it’s hard to stand out from the pack, but the Intelli ScoutPro manages it easily.”

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