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Change is good … if you end up with a Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR [Setups]


A Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR seem like a wonderful recipe for change.
A Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR seem like a wonderful recipe for change.

“Needed a change for 2021” reads the title of Redditor Robert_Cutty’s recent post. It shows off a heck of a nice computer setup. With a late-model Mac Pro Tower and a magnificent Pro Display XDR taking center stage, what’s not to like?

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Some of the general reactions to the high-end gear in the photograph were predictably, let’s say, envious — and, typically, on the funny side.

“Aaaand here’s a financial mistake I would be glad to make,” wrote one.

“That’s a lot of money on one picture. But very cool!” said another.

F L E X,” noted a third, suggesting the post is a bit of a boast.

Mac Pro

In the course of questions and answers in the comments section, Cutty indicated his Mac Pro Tower is not a base model, but one with “upgrades.” The base model is $5,999 on Apple’s website.

However, fully tricked out to the max level of possible configurations, a very special Mac Pro can cost more than $50,000. And that’s without even having them throw in a Magic Trackpad! But it would include a 12-core processor, dual top-shelf graphics cards, epic memory and storage, and extras like an Apple Afterburner card, of course.

Cutty’s previous Mac was also a Mac Pro, a 2013 model he had for seven years before he upgraded to his current rig. He said he hopes to do the same with this one.

In response to a concerned commenter, he said he figures Apple will continue to support these high-end Intel-chip machines “for a while.”

Stock keyboard and mouse work fine, thanks

As usual on Reddit, plenty of people offered advice about peripherals. How about a customized mechanical keyboard? Maybe a killer gaming mouse? But Cutty wasn’t really having it.

“The keyboard and mouse are the ones that came with the MP,” he said. “I haven’t had any issues with them. The most annoying thing is the charging port on the bottom of the mouse. When I have to charge the mouse, I do it overnight so it doesn’t disrupt my work schedule.”

In response to a comment urging him to get a “high end custom” mechanical keyboard, he said, “I see that in a lot of posts in this sub. I like the quiet soft touch of the Mac keyboard.”

Pro Display XDR

We’ve written about Apple’s magnificent Pro Display XDR recently, along with some reasonable alternatives that cost much less than the XDR’s roughly $6,000 price. It’s the “first 32-inch Retina 6K display ever,” Apple says. Not to mention, it adds, “the world’s best pro display.”

Naturally, commenters hoped Cutty would talk them into buying one. Or at least he might extol its virtues.

“I absolutely love it,” he obliged. “It’s really hard for me to look at other screens now that my eyes are used to the clarity of the Pro Display. Honestly, it looks a lot bigger than a 32-inch screen. I would definitely buy it again. The only con is going to be what everyone says. It’s $5k. But in my opinion, well worth every cent.”

Asked if he does video work, Cutty said no, but he did not reveal what he does for work or what he uses his stupendous equipment for. He did allow that he spends a lot of time in front of the screen for work.

Another person wondered if the XDR is worth the price for someone who doesn’t work with video. “Mainly looking for a good monitor for programming & 3D renders as a hobby,” they said. “Can you have double inputs and switch? I also have a Windows computer I would like to connect and switch between them.”

“To answer your first question, absolutely. Especially if you’re staring at a screen for long periods of time,” Cutty said. “In regards to double inputs, the answer is no. It only has a single Thunderbolt 3 port which acts as the input from the MP and three USB-C ports for attaching peripherals. My Logitech webcam (on top of the monitor) attaches to one of the USB-C ports.”

And with that webcam, Cutty uses a FDKOBE Video Conference Lighting Kit.

iPad Pro mounted on an arm

Cutty’s other computing device is an iPad Pro. You can see it in the photograph floating to the right of the Pro Display XDR. We say floating because — and this is the somewhat unusual bit — it’s mounted on an arm.

The iPad doesn’t need a case on it to attach to the mount. The arm uses a MagConnect universal table mount and some adhesive to hold tablets.

“I actually have a dbrand skin on the back of my iPad,” Cutty said. “And the universal mount is attached to that. So if I ever have to remove it, I can just take the dbrand skin off since that would be a lot easier.”

This being Reddit, commenters made other suggestions, too.  A strong MagSafe for the iPad would come in handy, said one, for easy mounting while you do other things.

“Always wanted one of those for the bathroom and the kitchen,” said another. “Recipes and toilet movies.”

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