Master video production with this super bundle


Learn to make videos you'd actually watch with this bundle.
This video production bundle covers videography, cinematography, screenwriting & more.
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A lot more goes into making videos than pointing and shooting a camera. To make good-quality videos, you have to be a bit of an expert on everything from screenwriting to camera hardware. Because getting a degree in film can cost upwards of $100,000, The 2021 Complete Video Production Super Bundle is here to give you a deep dive into all the skills that go into video production, and right now it’s on sale for $34.99. 

One of the most important parts of recording good videos is also one of the most obvious. You need to know how to use a camera and what kind of hardware you need for different styles of shots. Of the 10 courses in this bundle, 6 are specifically geared towards using your hardware effectively. Cinematography Master Class: Start Shooting Better Video Now and Sony Cameras for Beginners are great starting points if you’re a total beginner, and courses like Drones: Learn Aerial Photography & Videography Basics are perfect if you’re already looking to specialize. By the time you finish working through this bundle, you’ll have what it takes to give professional-grade videography a shot. 

Pre- and post production for videos is not as glamorous as the actual recording process, but it is arguably even more important. If you’re a great screenwriter, then videos you’ve staged will be much easier to film. If you have mastered the YouTube algorithm, then pretty much anything you make will end up popular. Luckily, this bundle has courses designed for both of those essential steps in the video process. The Screenwriting Master Class and YouTube Master Class should be the first stop when you’re learning everything that happens adjacent to recording. 

This bundle packs 44 hours of content into 10 classes you’ll have for a lifetime. That means you’ll have enough time to study at your own pace, refine your craft, and make the videos you want to make. Get The 2021 Complete Video Production Super Bundle on sale for $34.99. Once you’ve got video production nailed, master the tools to make great thumbnails with these Adobe courses!

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