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Access your Mac desktop remotely with Remotix


Remotix allows you to access your mac from anywhere.
Keep your business in sync with Remotix, the Mac remote desktop software.
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A computer serves as a digital home for important documents, media and applications – which is why having a  “work” computer separate from your “home” computer can sometimes make things complicated. 

Being able to access work files from home instantly hasn’t always been feasible, but with Remotix, you can access any connected desktop from anywhere in the world at any time. This all-in-one app for remote desktop connections stores your connections and credentials, allows for file management, and so much more – and it’s now available for a limited time for just $24.99. 

With Remotix, you can access any connected desktop remotely, allowing you to download workplace files to your home computer or pull up family vacation videos at the office. 

Available as a native application for all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even tvOS, Remotix is hand-optimized for each platform to extract every bit of performance. Remotix includes a built-in file transfer module that rapidly moves data between machines – even on slow networks and with a huge amount of files. You can also play games and watch movies downloaded to a different computer using NEAR, a hardware-accelerated low-latency remote desktop protocol.

Remotix also allows you to check in on all of your computers, allowing you to check reports from the computers you manage and get instant notifications for possible issues with HDD, firewall, or battery. Along with guaranteeing unobstructed access to any of your desktops, Remotix provides maximum security for all data being accessed and transferred. 

With over four stars on Google Play, the Apple Store and MacUpdate, it’s clear that Remotix is a user-approved solution to controlling all of your desktops remotely. Rather than stressing about what data is stored where and how to access it, invest in lifetime access to all of your desktops remotely with Remotix. For a limited time, this invaluable application is 49 percent off and is just $24.99.

Prices subject to change.