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Keysbuff offers lifetime Windows 10 activation for $14 + free game giveaway


As part of Keysbuff's back-to-school sale, you can win a game activation key.
As part of Keysbuff's back-to-school sale, you can win a game activation key.
Photo: Keysbuff

This software activation post is brought to you by Keysbuff.

Keysbuff offers steep discounts on a variety of Microsoft software activation keys during its back-to-school sale event, now through September 1. 

The company provides permanently activated global activation keys for products like Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019 Professional Plus. As part of its back-to-school event, you can also win a free game key.

Keysbuff offers back-to-school sale prices

Keysbuff’s big back-to-school sale runs from now through September 1. You can use the discount code COM in the sale to get 28% off an array of software activation keys. Check out the deals below.

Windows 10:

Microsoft Office:

For Mac:

More deals:

What is Keysbuff?

Keysbuff offers a range of software activation keys for productivity software as well as games on an array of platforms. They include Steam, Origin, UPlay and PlayStation. The company sells network cards, gift cards, PC games, expansion packs and, of course, many different software activation keys.

Purchase and activation processes

When you click on a link above to check out a software activation key, it’s easy to make the purchase. You will receive your purchase very soon after going through the purchasing process. 

To make a purchase, just click the Buy Now button.Then you can sign up for a Keysbuff account with your email address and password, or just sign in if you already have an account. Keysbuff lets you pay via credit card or PayPal. Then the software key is emailed to you.

Activation is simple, too. From the same product page, look for the How to Activate? button to the right of the Buy Now button. When you click on that, you will see some simple steps to starting up and using a Steam platform account for software activation.

The Keysbuff ordering process is simple.
The Keysbuff ordering process is simple.
Photo: Keysbuff

Keysbuff back-to-school sale and game key giveaway

The Keysbuff back-to-school sale, with special discounts on Microsoft Windows, Office and other software activation keys, lasts through September 1. 

As part of the event, you can enter to win a free game software activation key. Just click here and when you’re on the sale page, click Press here! or anywhere in the Giveaway box near the top of the page. Then you will be able to sign in and enter the giveaway.

Note that each Keysbuff account can only enter the giveaway once.

Act fast: Sales ends soon and quantities are limited

To take advantage of the back-to-school sale’s special prices, act fast. The sale ends September 1. And note that supplies of keys are limited.

Also, when you buy any Windows 10 key, you will get a free upgrade to Windows 11 when it becomes available later. 

And note that Keysbuff says if you encounter any problems before or after purchase, just contact its customer service department via email at