Arlo fixes bug keeping users from adding its devices to HomeKit


An iOS update fixed the bug keeping Arlo devices from connecting to HomeKit.
An iOS update fixed the bug keeping Arlo devices from connecting to HomeKit.
Photo: Arlo

Smart home hardware maker Arlo recently released an iOS app software update to fix a bug. It kept users from adding the company’s smart devices to Apple’s HomeKit system.

AppleInsider reported that Arlo’s version 3.5.1 iOS app update contains a fix for the issue. Users experiencing problems can get the updated software, released on August 6, in the App Store.

“Arlo appreciates the patience of our loyal customers, and is excited to share that an iOS app release with a remedy to the HomeKit issue is now available,” a company representative said.

Arlo received hundreds of responses from frustrated users

AppleInsider said it began receiving reports in early August from users having problems. They ran into issues while trying to add new Arlo devices to HomeKit. The company’s devices include cameras, doorbells and accessories, such as solar chargers and batteries.

“The problem appeared to affect HomeKit tokens, which caused users to get stuck on the ‘Requesting HomeKit info’ screen when adding devices to the Apple smart home platform,” AI said.

One Arlo community forum thread racked up more than 600 responses from frustrated users.

Fix rolling out within days

Users who have enabled automatic app updates are likely to see the fix in place within days. Those who don’t receive automatic app updates should download version 3.5.1 of the Arlo app.

“In an August 6 forum post, an Arlo moderator said that users who continue to experience problems with adding devices to HomeKit should contact the company for a HomeKit token reset,” AI reported.

— Via AppleInsider