Slash 55% off this magnetic Apple Watch charging cable


Charge your Apple Watch with this under $20 cable.
This 3.3FT braided cable charges your apple watch seamlessly.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Apple Watch is loaded with amazing features that make it a staple for most people in their everyday lives — whether you’re using it to check messages and emails throughout the day or using it as a tool to improve your health and wellness. But with all those powerful features comes a usage caveat — the Apple Watch is only made to last 18 hours, meaning you do have to charge it daily. This Braided Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Cable is an excellent option to keep your Apple Watch fully charged and optimized for all the ways you use it throughout your day.

This sturdy charging cable is designed with a magnetic connector that effortlessly snaps into place for optimal charging — and since it’s magnetized, it can easily pull away from your Apple Watch in case you accidentally snag the cable while you’re working. Plus, the braided cable design makes it perfect for even the roughest tumbles at the bottom of your duffle bag or computer case — it ensures durability throughout repeated usages.

This handy cable is also a generous 3.3 feet in length, so you can easily charge from a distance and continue with your work or entertainment as you charge. There’s even an over temperature control feature that keeps your cable and device safe while you charge, so you can rest easy knowing your Apple Watch won’t get damaged from using this cord.

Other helpful tips to lengthen your battery life (on top of using the appropriate charging accessories) is shortening your Apple Watch “wake screen” time and turning off the workout mode. You can also lengthen your Apple Watch battery life by disabling “Background App Refresh” and turning on the “Reduce Motion” feature.

Get this Braided Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Cable for $17.95 (reg. $39) for a limited time.

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