Apple asks iPad mini fans about screen sizes ahead of rumored redesign

Apple asks iPad mini fans about screen sizes ahead of rumored redesign


The newest iPad mini supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, not the newer version of this stylus.
Is iPad mini's display too big, too small, or just right?
Photo: Apple

Apple is surveying iPad mini users about their screen size preferences ahead of a rumored redesign. It seems Cupertino wants to know what iPad mini fans want from the device before it makes big decisions about its hardware.

iPad mini is the only Apple tablet that has gone without a major redesign since its initial introduction. It has seen big internal improvements over the years, but the physical design of the device has not changed since the original in 2021.

That could change this year. Recent rumors have claimed iPad mini is in for a massive overhaul that will bring a larger edge-to-edge display — 8.4 inches up from 7.9 inches — and a design similar to that of the iPad Air.

Before that happens, however, Apple wants to know what iPad mini fans really want.

Apple quizzes iPad mini fans

In a new survey distributed to iPad mini users, Apple asks a series of questions, primarily about the device’s screen size — whether it’s “too small,” “a little bit too small,” “just the right size,” “a bit too large,” or “too large.”

The survey, first spotted by ITHome, focuses on iPad mini 4, despite there being a fifth-generation model that’s exactly the same in terms of design. It also asks users what kind of accessories they use with their tablet.

This isn’t the first time Apple has quizzed users about its products. In fact, it often sends out surveys to gauge what fans want. Although it’s unlikely they make any significant changes to Apple’s plans, they may have some influence.

New iPad mini expected this fall

The most recent example of this is a survey distributed to iPhone users last July, which asked whether they used the USB charger included in their iPhone box. Just months later, Apple stopped shipping USB chargers with iPhone 12.

If Apple is indeed planning to refresh the iPad mini this fall, as recent reports have suggested, the big decisions about its design and features will have almost certainly been made some time ago and probably won’t change now.