Use the Biscuit ceramic wireless charger forever? So they say.


The ceramic Biscuit charger is designed to be upgraded.
The ceramic Biscuit charger is designed to be upgraded.
Photo: Charles Duffy

A Kickstarter campaign promises a new iPhone wireless charger with a zirconia ceramic body and interior mechanics designed for easy repairs and upgrades. That means it bucks the “planned obsolescence” trend and begs longterm — and even permanent — use. The product’s name? Biscuit.

Designer Charles Duffy, who began working on the project in 2019, said Biscuit is “the last wireless charger you’ll ever need.” That’s because it incorporates durable materials and is designed to be repaired and upgraded, he noted on his Kickstarter page.

Of course, you may need more powerful chargers. In its current forms, Biscuit offers 15W of charging power via a Qi charging module.

Touch ceramic body, no adhesives, upgrades to come

Ziconia ceramic material is dense, hard and smooth. Manufacturers use it in high-quality products, such as high-end watches and structures used in aerospace applications. That makes Biscuit durable.

In addition, Duffy said he joins the device’s silicone components with a “novel anchoring system.” That means no adhesives. So it “can be taken apart in 20 seconds,” he said.

Adhesives in such devices make it harder to work on them. As Duffy explained in his description, “integrated” components are bonded and difficult to dissemble, while “independent” ones like Biscuit’s are not.

Duffy also pledged to release an updated core whenever the Qi charging standard evolves. That will make it possible for users to replace the old one, “wherever technologically possible. The way tech should be.” That way, users need not keep buying new chargers.

Biscuit is small and simple

Biscuit form factor and footprint are on the small side — “half the size of other chargers,” Duffy said. The puck appears to be only slightly larger than an Airpods case. The circumferance listed on the campaign page is 64mm, actually 8mm larger than Apple’s MagSafe Charger, but smaller than many others.

The Zirconia ceramic body has a silicone pad on top and a braided nylon cable that tucks in a recessed slot in the base. Duffy said the recess takes any USB-C cable, not just the one included. It accepts Apple’s standard USB-C cable, too.

Five more days, three minimalist styles

You can get Biscuit in three styles: cool grey (white body, gray pad), panda (white body, black pad) and graphite (black body and pad).

Currently, the fundraising campaign has 1,005 backers with $93,290 in pledges (far exceeding its $8,256 goal). It ends on July 28. It appears successful, to say the least.

Price: Early bird pledges are about $61; Kickstarter special pledges are about $100; shipping is expected in October 2021.

Where to buy: Kickstarter