mini-LED display might add luster to next iPad mini. Or might not. [Updated]

mini-LED display might add luster to next iPad mini. Or might not. [Updated]


Gorgeous mini-LED display could add luster to next iPad mini
An iPad mini with a mini-LED screen seems appropriate.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The 2021 iPad mini will be Apple’s next tablet with a mini-LED display, according to information leaking from a component supplier. This type of screen looks better than the standard LCD used in many current iPads.

But an display industry expert claims there’s no truth to this report.

Even so, Apple allegedly won’t reserved the display tech for tablet much longer. mini-LED displays will also supposedly be used in upcoming MacBook Pro models.

Digitimes reports, “Radiant Optoelectronics will kick off shipments of its backlight units for the upcoming mini LED-backlit MacBook Pro and iPad mini later in the third quarter, with the shipments to expand in volume in the fourth quarter, according to industry sources.”

This is the first leak to point to an iPad mini with this type of display. But previous reports already indicated it’ll be used in the 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro models expected later in 2021.

After the Digitimes report was widely circulated, Ross Young took to Twitter to refute it, stating “No miniLED iPad Mini this year.” Young is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants.

A mini-LED screen for the iPad mini 6

mini-LED screens have thousands of small LEDs providing the backlight, far more than with a standard LCD. That would give the iPad mini much greater control over lighting, so some on-screen objects can be bright while others dim. mini-LED isn’t quite as beautiful as the OLED displays used in iPhone, but they cost less.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro unveiled in April 2021 was the first with this type of screen.

One of many, many changes

If Apple’s smallest tablet actually does include this improved screen technology, it could be just one of many enhancements. According to previous unconfirmed reports, the iPad mini 6 will have an 8.4-inch display, up from 7.9 inches in previous models.

And it’ll supposedly be built around a speedy Apple A15 processor, and sport a USB-C port and a Touch ID sensor in its power button.

With production allegedly starting around August, the iPad mini 6 is expected before the end of 2021.

Update: This article was originally published July 22. It was updated July 23 with comments from Ross Young.