Get all the cybersecurity training you can imagine with a platinum membership to Infosec4TC


Get hundreds of hours of cybersecurity training, practice exams with this platinum membership
Infosec4TC will boost your career possibilities with lifetime access to cybersecurity training.
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A rewarding career in the cybersecurity field is within reach if you have the right knowledge and training to get your foot in the door. And once it’s there, the possibilities are endless. One of the best ways to get that knowledge is with a platinum membership to Infosec4TC, an online training program that puts you in control of how much and how fast you learn.

Online cybersecurity training

And there is plenty to learn. With an Infosec4TC platinum membership, you’ll get more than 1,800 hours of training on everything from ethical hacking to GSEC and CISSP. That means, if you were to spend nearly 40 hours per week on these classes, it would take almost a year to get through all the material.

But you don’t need to spend a whole year. You can begin and end when and where you want — and focus on the subjects that interest you the most. Infosec4TC will get you trained to pass your certification tests, showing future or current employers you are ready to hit the ground running. And Infosec4TC’s students have an extremely high rate of passing those certification exams.

The platinum membership gives you lifetime access to the online courses. That way, you can become — and stay — an expert in information technology. And once you complete the lessons, you gain access to sample exam questions and extra course materials. Those extras will help make sure you’re ready for the real deal. You also can join discussion groups and programs to help you get you over the hump in any difficult areas.

All future courses, as well as course materials, exam questions and access to the student portal, are included in the cost of the Infosec4TC platinum membership. You’ll even get one free session with a career counselor. More than 90 courses are included in the package, which is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by Trustpilot.

Save on Infosec4TC platinum membership

Normally priced at $999, you can get a platinum membership to Infosec4TC now for just $69. That’s a savings of 93%, and a small price to pay for the knowledge and career boost you’ll receive.

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