Nomad looks to protect and beautify your MagSafe Charger


Nomad offers a new leather case for your Apple MagSafe Charger.
Nomad offers a new leather case for your Apple MagSafe Charger.
Photo: Nomad Goods

Accessories-maker Nomad Goods wants to cover your world of Apple gadgets in leather. Even the ones you probably don’t carry around every day. Its newest product is a leather cover designed to protect and beautify the iPhone 12 series’ magnetic charging puck, Apple’s MagSafe Charger.

The handsome piece joins Nomad’s array of leather and synthetic goods. They include iPhone and iPad cases, Apple Watch straps, wallets and even AirPods case covers.

If they’re going to make a leather cover for your AirPods case, they’re going to make one for your MagSafe Charger. You might as well be a class act and have all of your Apple accessories match.

Give your charger a rich patina with genuine Horween leather

Nomad’s Leather Cover for ‌MagSafe‌ comes in rustic brown and black Horween leather on the outside, and soft microfiber on the inside to avoid scratches. Nomad said the leather covering will develop a patina over time.

The company designed the Leather Cover to fit snugly over the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger, adding just 2.4mm to the charger’s size.

Arguably, the leather also helps with grip. So, that helps. To the extent that you ever endanger the charger by picking it up and moving it from one nightstand to another.

Price: $24.95

Where to buy: Nomad Goods