How to easily share tweets to Instagram Stories in iOS


Now it's easy to share tweets in Instagram Stories.
Now it's easy to share tweets in Instagram Stories.
Photo: Instagram

Twitter rolled out an update to its iOS app earlier this week that lets users quickly and easily share tweets to their Instagram Stories. It’s now nearly a one-click operation, but not quite.

Naturally, users have always been able to take a screenshot of a tweets and manually upload it to an Instagram Story. But the new interface takes some of the manual labor out of the process, making it simple and fast. And the results look good!

Tweets with text and pics show up fine, though users have found they are not tappable to send traffic back to the original tweet. And users have noted embedded video in a tweet currently appears on Instagram as a static image, not a watchable video.

How to share a tweet to an Instagram Story

  1. Tap the share icon under any tweet.
  2. Select Instagram Stories from the list of apps.
  3. Once the tweet is in an Instagram camera frame, use the app’s controls to resize, re-position and jazz up the tweet with options like stickers and music.

But vice-versa, not so much

So now it’s quick and easy to share tweets on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean it’s quick and easy to share Instagram material on Twitter. An Instagram link will show up as a URL rather than an image of the content you were hoping to copy.

The integration of Twitter with Instagram Stories is reminiscent of its integration with Snapchat in 2020. As with that tie-in, Twitter is extending the new sharing feature only to iOS users for now, with no reference yet to  Android.