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Why it’s not a good day to use your Apple Card


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Apple Card is not having a good day.
Photo: Apple

If you’re heading to the store with an Apple Card on Monday, you’d better bring a second form of payment. An ongoing technical glitch means that it might not be possible to make in-store purchases with the credit card.

Your Apple Card has been declined?

Apple’s official System Status page shows the service has an “issue.” The iPhone-maker warns that this means, “Some users may not be able to make in-store purchases with Apple Card using Apple Pay.”

Currently, the outage has been going on for 10 hours. But it only affects some users of Apple’s credit card. Still, having a second credit card or cash on hand for any shopping trips seems the course of wisdom.

No other Apple services currently report problems. Everything else on the System Status page displays a green light.

Apple’s various services are generally reliable but they do have occasional problems. The Apple Card payment system had a problem earlier in June, for example. But it’s practically unheard of for these glitches to last more than a few hours. Based on the speed Apple fixed previous such problems, it’s likely the credit card will be functioning normally again before Monday is over.