Apple calls on devs to embrace super-speedy 5G connectivity


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"Up your 5G game," Apple says.
Photo: Apple

Apple is encouraging iPhone and iPad app developers to up their 5G game and embrace super-speedy connectivity.

In a new guide titled “Optimize your app for 5G,” Apple says “5G networking can provide even more opportunities to take advantage of high-bandwidth and low-latency connections in your app.”

It also outlines the benefits the technology can bring to things like games, streaming, machine learning, and augmented reality.

5G offers a number of big benefits over its predecessors, including significantly faster data speeds and reduced latency. If you’re in an area with strong 5G connectivity, it can be even faster than Wi-Fi.

Apple takes advantage of faster 5G connectivity on compatible devices (iPhone 12 and the M1 iPad Pro), and now it is encouraging third-party app developers to do the same for even greater experiences.

Apple encourages devs to ‘up your 5G game’

In a new developer guide, Apple explains how different apps can be optimized for faster data connectivity or built “from the ground up with 5G in mind” to improve the user experience.

“One of the best ways you can take advantage of 5G’s high-performance characteristics is to offer multiple versions of an asset depending on someone’s network connection,” the guide reads.

Apple wants apps to recognize when 5G is available and then deliver higher-bandwidth assets packed with more information where possible. It goes on to list examples of this approach in different app types.

“Video streaming apps can incorporate intelligent buffering and playback with AVFoundation to serve 4K (or 4K HDR) content to devices on 5G networks,” it says.

How 5G can improve iPhone and iPad apps

In games, developers can implement higher quality visuals with larger texture maps and higher-poly models. And AR apps can offer a greater number of high-resolution objects within ARKit scenes.

Developers who are interested in the advantages offered by 5G should check out the full guide on Apple’s website, which is packed with useful information.

Via: iMore