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No cloud, no problem: How to auto-store your photos and videos


backup stick
This backup stick protects and stores your photos and videos from virtually all devices.
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We all go through a similar thought process when our phones, laptops or iPads break, get lost or are stolen. Somewhere between trying to remedy the situation and coming to terms with the loss comes the sharp realization that all your content is gone. Saying goodbye to your photos is never fun, but you can prevent this nightmare from happening by taking precautions now.

What’s better than using cloud storage? Keeping your photo and video content in the palm of your hand. While the cloud can be convenient, the Photo Backup Stick automatically backs up pictures and videos — without having to rely on an internet connection. It can eliminate the need to pay for monthly cloud-storage fees.

Choose a Photo Backup Stick for smart storage

This handy gadget comes in a variety of colors and sizes suitable for a range of Apple devices. Prefer a purple 16GB photo backup stick? That’s an option. There’s also a black version that holds 32GB of storage, if that suits your needs better.

With this device, duplicate photos and videos won’t eat up large amounts of storage space, either. The smart gadget remembers the content you’ve already backed up, eliminating the need to store unnecessary copies. For example, your blue 64GB backup stick will never save repeats, and ditto for the green one with 128GB of storage space.

Finally, if you’re serious about your content (and have plenty of it), opt for the orange photo backup stick, which gives you 256GB of space. Whether you’re saving family photos or need to store your video content for work, this innovative gadget is the life hack we all need.

Losing your prized photos and videos is a bummer and also totally avoidable with these easy photo backup sticks. Small, effective and reliable, order yours today and start keeping your content closer to home.

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