iOS 15 makes it even easier for Android users to switch to iPhone

iOS 15 makes it even easier for Android users to switch to iPhone


iOS 15 makes it easier for Android users to switch
You can now transfer even more data.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Android users will enjoy a more seamless experience when switching to iPhone this fall with the improved “Move to iOS” feature in iOS 15.

After several years of no significant changes, the switching tool is finally getting the ability to copy over photo albums, files, folders, and even more from Android devices.

Introduced with iOS 9 way back in 2015, the Move to iOS feature allows an Android user to quickly copy data to a new iPhone when making the switch. And it already supported a rather lengthy list of content.

In addition to the essentials, such as contacts and messages, Move to iOS also transfers photos and videos, email accounts, calendars, web bookmarks, and songs. In iOS 15, it’s going to get even better.

iOS 15 lets new iPhone users bring more from Android

Using Move to iOS in iOS 15 will allow switchers to transfer all the same content as before — as well as files, folders, photo albums, and even accessibility settings. It will make setting up a new iPhone much quicker.

What’s more, Apple is making it slightly easier for users to obtaining the Move to iOS app for Android by implementing a QR code that, once scanned, takes a user directly to the right Play Store listing.

It’s not yet clear if the improvements will require an updated Move to iOS app, though that’s likely, so you probably cannot take advantage of the changes with the iOS 15 beta just yet. But they will be available this fall.

Apple hasn’t provided a more specific release date for iOS 15, but we do know it will be free for all compatible devices. Developers can get the first beta release now, and a public version should arrive soon.