Get bulk groceries plus free dinner and dessert with this Sam’s Club deal


Sam's Club
Join for less! Sam's Club members enjoy premium-quality products and incredible perks.
Photo: Sam's Club

Sam’s Club is the best place to go if you know what you want and don’t want to buy it often. With a membership, you can avail yourself of great deals on bulk items along with high-quality groceries and home solutions — all you need is a membership.

Right now, you can get a one-year Sam’s Club membership for only $28.88. And it comes with a free rotisserie chicken and cupcakes!

The store with more

Poultry and pastries aside, Sam’s Club is a fantastic place to get home essentials and groceries. Inside Sam’s sprawling warehouses, you will find high-quality items that come in quantities not sold anywhere else. With this offer for a one-year Sam’s Club membership, you can enjoy exclusive access to everything from bulk rice to a crate of energy drinks.

The average American consumes about 23 sticks of butter a year, and at Sam’s Club, you can pretty easily get that and more in one trip.

Sam’s Club doesn’t just offer awesome deals on bulk shopping, though. It also operates a world-class bakery and deli, and that’s where you can get your free chicken and cupcakes. You can take home two of the most enticing smells for free with this discounted offer.

The deal comes preloaded on your card, and all you have to do is put the products in your cart — they’ll register as free when scanned at checkout. Then, you can go home with a wall of toilet paper, a modest farm’s worth of eggs, and your hot rotisserie chicken and gourmet cupcakes, which respectively would normally cost you $4.98 and $7.98. Take your prize home and enjoy it: Have chicken for dinner or eat a cupcake while streaming your favorite shows.

Save on a Sam’s Club membership

Normally, a one-year membership at Sam’s Club would cost you $45. But with this great deal, you’ll get your full year plus a delicious reward for visiting. Get a Sam’s Club membership for only $28.88, and bag a free rotisserie chicken and cupcakes.

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